BrandEx® CX10

High-temperature basic cleaning für extremely high-viscosity thermoplasts at 450° C

Basic cleaning PFA 6502TZ transparent (MVR 2g/10 min. according to DIN EN ISO 1133 at 372° C/5,-kg) with BrandEx® CX10 at 400° C and repeated material switching to PFA 6502TZ transparent.

It is visible, that BrandEx® CX10 has cleaned successfully an can bei flushed out of the screw-cylinder-area without any problems.

Result: clean PFA 6502TZ transparent regranulate!

Repeated cleaning with BrandEx® CX10 with subsequent temperature reduction to 260° C, shutting down with HD-PE. Following this, the screw-extractor was pulled - completely clean!

  • Operating temperature range  270° – 450° C
  • Application after processing of PC, PEI, PSU, PPS, PPO, PEEK, PEKK, PFA (for extremely high-viscosity thermoplasts)