BrandEx® A10

High-temperature basic cleaning, Crash-Cleaning

It was processed 7 years TPU, without pulling or cleaning the screw.
the injection moulding machine doesn't dosed full and makes loud sounds - 
black spots endless!
By basic clelaning with  BrandEx® A10 there were cleaned numerous crackings!
By crash-clelaning with  BrandEx® A10 there were cleaned almost all crackings and black spots!
 Crash-Cleaning with BrandEx® A10 is mostly the last chance, to get the screw so clean, that the screw may not be pulled! 
It was processed 3 weeks  Fortron 1140 L4 (PPS) black. By High-temperatur basic cleaning with BrandEx® A10 there were cleaned out numerous crackings!
By crash-cleaning with BrandEx® A10 there were cleaned out all crackings and black spots!
After crash-cleaning with BrandEx® A10  the injection cake comes clean out of the blast pipe!
After cleaning with BrandEx® A10 the screw was pulled...
...on the screw no more crackings...
...or adhesions  present!
  • Operating temperature range 240° – 450° C
  • Application after processing of PC, PEI, PSU, PPS, PPO, PEEK, PEKK