Basic Cleaning, Crash-Cleaning


Assignment: Black spots occur in the material after processing PC over a longer period of time.
PC melt cake with black spots
Basic cleaning using BrandEx® S10 switching to PC crystal-clear without streaks
PC crystal-clear product without streaks or black spots


Assignment: After processing TPU for a longer time without intermediate cleaning, massive TPU-crackings occur in the screw and cylinder area. The customer doesn’t have a chance to clean the unit preemptively, nor can he regain a correct cleaning cycle.

The standard basic cleaning procedure for TPU using BrandEx® E10 can not achieve a complete success any longer.

Crash-Cleaning TPU with BrandEx® C10, on the other hand, cleans the screw and cylinder area a hundred percent!


Assignment: Basic cleaning PP-Co black of an extrusion machine with BrandEx® E10.

Blow moulding

Successful cleaning of blow molding machines with BrandEx® E10.